10 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts you should know

10 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts you should know

We have reached a time when speed is not an option anymore; it is a necessity.
Everybody Wants to be fast when using a computer. Why waste time clicking the mouse when holding two or three keyboard shortcuts will get the work done for you?

So, today in this tutorial, am going to list 10 keyboard shortcuts you should be using to boost your productivity.

Although, there are hundreds if not thousands of keyboard shortcuts; but am going to give you the ones you are most likely to use on a daily basis.

Below are some of the keyboard shortcuts you may be missing out on and what they are used for.

#1. Shift+delete: Delete Permanently
This shortcut when you apply it to selected files/folders will delete the files/folders without moving it to the recycle bin. This will come in handy when you don’t want to delete your junk files/folders twice.

#2. Windows logo+E: Go to Windows Explorer 
This is probably one of my most used windows shortcut, and this will take you straight to “Windows Explorer”. You don’t have to be clicking on the mouse before getting to “Windows Exploret” anymore.

#3. Alt+Tab: Switch between opened windows.
This baby will switch between opened windows in your PC.

#4. Ctrl+Shift+N: Create New Folder
Ever wanted to create a folder in your PC but find it stressful to do? Then, this keyboard shortcut will help you get it done quick and easy.

#5. Windows logo+M: Minimize all opened Windows.
Did somebody ever badge in to your room or office while you are doing something you didn’t want them to see? Well, this shortcut when you press it will minimize all open windows in your PC. Cool right?

To restore the minimized windows,  simply hold windows logo key+Shift+M and the minimized window will be restored back as it was.

#6. Alt+Enter= View properties of selected items
Alt+Enter will tell you the properties of selected items like the size and more.

#7. Windows Logo+L= lock screen
This shortcut will lock your PC immediately you press it.

#8. Windows Logo+U= Ease of Access Center

This keyboard shortcut will take you straight to the ease of access center where you can enable the in-screen keyboard, magnifier amongst others.

#9. Ctrl+Shift+Esc= Task Manager

This shortcut will take you to the task manager.

#10. Windows logo key+Pause= System Properties

This keyboard shortcut will take you to the system properties where you can view the size of your RAM, speed of your processor, Version of Windows,  computer name and more.

Bonus shortcut: You can use Windows logo key+D to show the desktop and still use Windows logo key+D to bring back the minimized windows. Unlike windows logo key+M for minimizing where you have to use Windows logo key+Shift+M to restore the minimized windows.

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