How to Uninstall System Apps In Android Phone
In Android, there are some apps that come pre-installed and you cannot uninstall them using the method you use to uninstall user installed apps; that’s where this guide come in handy. Can I Uninstall system Apps Without Root Permission? ​By default, you will not be able to uninstall system apps even if you are not using… (0 comment)

How to Use your Android phone as a Modem
We are in the era when smartphones are everywhere and everybody wants to use one. In Android smartphones, for example, there are many great features that comes with it and you don’t want to miss them. Some of these features help you in making the most out of your Android smartphone even without having root… (0 comment)

Simple way to Root an Android phone using PC
Rooting an Android is an easy task. Although you can root an android phone without the use of a computer, but rooting your phone with a computer has the highest success rate compare to rooting without a Computer for some versions of Android model of phones. In my last tutorial, I wrote a detailed guide on how to… (0 comment)