How To Create Disk Image Using Power ISO
This post will guide you through the steps you need to folow to create disk image using power ISO easily and without stress. If you have ever tried to create a bootable USB flash drive before, then you must have heard of the term disk image or ISO image. And you may be wondering: what… (0 comment)

How To Restore Your Windows PC
In times when computers can just one day decide to piss off their owner by developing a problem; you will always want to know some simple tips and tricks you can use to rectify some problems in your Windows PC without freaking out. system restore is one of the ways you can use to roll… (0 comment)

How To Unblock Blocked Websites
As new technology emerges everyday, there are restrictions applied to some things using technology as there are restrictions applies some things on the internet, there also ways to bypass those restrictions. If you get your internet access from a school or office computer, then you must have come across a certain sites that are blocked a few times. This… (0 comment)