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How To Create a Bootable USB flash drive fast and easy

How To Create a Bootable USB flash drive fast and easy

Successfully creating a bootable USB flash drive using Rufus is easy and fast compare to other softwares. In this tutorial, we are to use rufus to create a bootable USB flash drive.

As new technology is being unveil everyday, so are new portable PCs being design. Although they are portable and good for carrying around, they are also short of some things like the internal optical drive (DVD/CD Drive) which is crucial when it comes to installing new operating system in your PC and that’s where this guide comes in handy.

Loading new operating system in your Mini Laptop will be a pain in the back because without an Optical disk drive (internal or external), you cannot install a new Operating system using Windows Disk.

In this post however, am going to show you how to create a bootable USB flash drive so you can use it to load new Operating system in your PC. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mini PC or not, you can use it on any PC provided the USB port is working properly.

For us to successfully create bootable USB flash drive, we will need some basic things which are necessary. These things are easy to get.

In this guide, we are going to need three things and they are:
1. USB drive (with at least 4GB of usable space): why I said 4GB usable space is because some 4GB flash drive have less than 4Gb of usable space. So, to avoid any disappointment, I will advice that you get an 8GB of flash drive.

Note: Make sure you copy any and all important files from the flash drive because you will need to format the flash drive in order to successfully create a bootable USB flash drive.

2. A Windows ISO (disk image): you can either create one using your friend’s PC using this guide or download one here. This disk image (ISO) contains all the necessary Windows files you need to complete an installation.

3. Rufus: Rufus is a portable software we are going to use to create the bootable USB flash drive. It is not large as it is less that 1MB in size. So go and download it here. You can download the portable version which doesn’t need you to install it on your PC before you can run it.

Now, with these three things at your disposal, I will say we are ready to create our bootable USB flash drive.
The USB flash drive needs to be formatted, so if you have anything important saved in the Flash drive, copy it somewhere then format the flash drive.

Let’s start with the steps:

Step one
: Plug in the flash drive and launch the downloaded rufus
what you need to do in this step is insert the flash drive in one of your working USB ports and launch the rufus you downloaded earlier. Here is the download link again in case you haven’t done that yet. Leave all the settings at their default and proceed to the next step. Make sure the partition style is set to FAT32.

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Step Two: Select the Disk Image (ISO)
All you need to do now is select ISO image from the “create a bootable disk using” drop down list then select the disk image you downloaded (or created as the case may be) by clicking the small CD icon and a new windows will open where you can search for the ISO image you created.

create a bootable usb flash drive

Step Three: Start Creating the bootable USB flash drive
Now that all the settings are ready, click Start and you will be asked to click OK to allow the formatting of your drive, click OK and the rufus will start doing it’s thing. Just wait and watch the progress bar as the disk image is being loaded to your Flash drive.

When it’s complete, you will see READY which means your bootable USB flash drive is ready to use.

plug the bootable USB flash drive in the PC you want to load Windows on and restart it. Depending on the type of PC you are using, you will need to click some combination of keyboard keys to change the boot order to the Flash drive you inserted then restart the system. You will be asked to press any key to boot from the CD, just press any key and windows will start loading. Follow the on-screen instruction to install Windows in your PC.

You can read this detailed post on how to install windows operating system.

There you have it. If you have any questions, feel free to drop it in the comment box below or simply share this post with your friends and loved ones.

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