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How To Create Disk Image Using Power ISO

How To Create Disk Image Using Power ISO

This post will guide you through the steps you need to folow to create disk image using power ISO easily and without stress.

If you have ever tried to create a bootable USB flash drive before, then you must have heard of the term disk image or ISO image. And you may be wondering: what is this disk image anyway? Allow me to give you a brief explanation of what disk image is.
You can also read this detailed guide on how to create a bootable USB flash drive.

What Is A Disk Image?
An ISO or disk image is an exact copy of an Operating system.
This is used mostly to create a bootable USB flash drive. Although you can download a disk image (ISO) from the internet. For some ISPs like that of my country (Nigeria Network) have very poor speed and it will take ages for you to fininsh downloading an almost 4GB of file size on the internet, which is why am writing this post to show you how to bypass the frustation and just create it yourself.

What Do I Need It For?
You will mostly need a disk image if you are planning on creating a bootable Flash drive to install and operating system in a PC that doesn’t have internal optical drive or even the external then, you will be left with only one choice: Creating a bootable USB flash drive.

In this post, however, I explained how you can create a disk image using Power ISO.
Although there are many softwares that help in creating a disk image, but for this tutorial, we will be using Power ISO.

What Do You Need Before You can Create Disk Image?
You will need any version of an OS Disk, a friend’s PC with working Optical disk drive (DVD/CD drive) and a software called Power ISO installed on the PC you want to use. You can get the software from the local computer store.
After obtaining the above items, we will now start creating a disk image.

How to Create Disk Image?
Creating a disk image is simple and quick depending on how fast your system is.

Step one
: Launch Power ISO
If you already have power ISO installed on your system, launch the app and wait for it to initiate and make sure the OS disk is inserted in the Optical disk drive and wait for it to load.

Step Two: Start Creating the disk image
Click copy at the top of the Power ISO window and a new window will open. By default, your Optical disk drive should be selected as the file that needs to be burn.

Create disk image​Now select .iso file as the destination file then click OK to start creating your disk image. You will see the progress bar as the disk image is being created.

Create disk image​The default save location for the disk image is the document folder of your Windows PC. You can now start using the disk image for creating a bootable disk drive using this guide.

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