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3 Ways To Reset Windows 10 Password Without Using OS Disk

3 Ways To Reset Windows 10 Password Without Using OS Disk

This post will show you the top 3 Ways to reset windows 10 password without using any os disk. this 3 methods will show you how to reset your windows 10 password easily

Whether you upgraded to Windows 10 or you bought a laptop with Windows 10 installed on it. Windows 10 as we all know is the latest version of the Windows Operating System by the software giant themselves, Microsoft, and they added more security to this version of Windows.

Although, in the earliest versions of Windows such as the Windows 7 and XP, you can bypass your password using some simple tweaks, but in Windows 10, it is not easy to bypass your password.

Getting locked out of your own PC when you forget the password is not a good experience at all. In this tutorial, am going to show you three method you can use to reset your Windows 10 password without using OS disk. Some of these methods require that you have an another administrator account and some don’t need you to have any administrator account. So relax and read on.

Method one
Use Other Administrator Account to Reset Windows 10 Password

This method requires the use of another administrator account before bypassing your log on screen. If your PC has more than one user account with administrative privilege, then you can easily use one of those administrative accounts to bypass your present user account.

How Do you do that?

First off, you need to reboot your computer and wait for it to start then login to another administrator account which you have password and to your computer.
Go to “My Computer” by holding Win+R then type compgmgmt.msc then click enter or if you have the “My Computer” icon on your desktop, just right-click on it then click “Manage” to get to the computer management window.
In the computer management Windows, click “Users and Local Groups” at the left hand pane of the window.

When this is done, you will see the administrator account for which you forgot the password. Just right-click on it and select Set password to set a new password and enter a new password then reboot your computer.
Login to your account using the new password you just created and that’s all, you have successfully reset windows 10 password.

However, this method only works if you have more than one administrator account in your PC. You should try creating more than one administrator account in your computer if you haven’t done that. If you don’t have any other administrator account in your computer then move to the next method.

Method two
Using Super Administrator Account to Reset Windows 10 Password

This method requires you to have a super administrator account before you can bypass your logon screen. Super Administrator Account is a special account that has all the administrative privileges. It is designed specifically to allow you change the password of your account in case you forget it.

How To Use Super Administrator Account

To take advantage of this great feature if you have it setup before getting locked out of your system, reboot your PC and wait for it to get to the welcome screen then press the Shift key five times then the Super Administrator Account will be activated.

A new account with administrative privilege will appear in the middle of the screen. Click on it to get to your PC then go to the control panel and go to User Accounts.

Now click on the account you want to change the password and make your changes.
Save the changes and reboot your computer then click on your Username (the one you got locked out of) and type the new password you created using the Super Administrator Account. Congratulations! You have just reset windows 10 password. All thanks to Super Administrator Account.

Note: this won’t work if you don’t have a Super Administrator Account setup. If you don’t have one setup, go to the next method below.

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Method Three
Using UUkeys Windows Password Mate to Reset Windows 10 Password

This method doesn’t require you to have an administrator account other than yours to bypass your password. What it does is it completely removes the password from your PC and allows you to enter your PC. However, you will need to use another computer that has administrative privilege since you are logout of yours.
This UUkeys Windows Password Mate works on all the versions of Windows but we will focus on Windows 10 alone. you can download the trial version and use it for now or buy it
Things you will need
1. A USB flash drive or an empty CD/DVD
2. A friend’s PC with administrative privilege.
When all these things are in place, let’s start

Step one: Download UUKeys Windows Password mate
Download and install the Uukeys Windows password Mate in a working computer with administrative rights and launch the program.

Step two: Insert your USB flash drive or empty CD/DVD to the computer and select the flash drive or CD/DVD drive from the drop down menu then click Burn USB and the files will start transferring from the UUKeys Windows Password Mate to the USB flash drive or empty CD/DVD. Wait for the files to finish transferring then eject the device from the computer

Step Three: Reboot the system you want to bypass the password then press the boot menu key combination. Depending on the kind of PC you have, you can press esc, F2, Del, F9 or check your computer manual for instructions then select the USB flash drive or the CD/DVD drive (depending on which one you used) to load the UUKeys program.

Step Four: select the operating system you want to unlock then select the username which is locked and click Reset Password. Wait for the password reset to complete then Reboot your PC. Your PC will now boot straight to the desktop without asking for any password at all.

There you go, you have just learned three different methods you can use to bypass Windows 10 Password and they are: Using Other administrator accoount, using Super administrator account, using UUKeys Windows Password Mate.

If you have any other method you think is worth trying if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know via the comment box below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and loved ones. Cheers!

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