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How to Set an Account Lockout Threshold in Windows

How to Set an Account Lockout Threshold in Windows

While creating a password for your Windows PC is important, it also grants anybody who gets access to your PC physically an unlimited number of attempts to open the password. Setting an account lockout threshold will help in making sure no one gets a chance to guess the correct password.

It could be dangerous because someone that has been with you for a long time like your siblings, kids, parents or friends have a chance to try as many time as they want to guess your correct password

So, setting a limit to a number of attempts someone can try, will greatly help you in making sure no one gets access to your Windows PC without your consent.

So in this tutorial, am going to show you how to set a limit to that login attempts.

When you set an account lockout threshold in your windows PC, anybody that tries to access your PC without your permission, by typing wrong password will be locked out when they reach the limit you set.

For example, if you set your lockout threshold to 6; anybody that types wrong password more than 6 times will be locked out automatically.

To make sure you don’t get locked out of your own PC when you forget your password, I recommend that you create a password reset disk; so you can easily use it to reset your password when don’t remember it anymore.
Let’s get started with the steps

  1. Hold windows key+R to open the Run dialogue box or go to Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>Run or better still, just search for Run in the start menu and click on it.
  2. In the Run dialogue box that you opened, type gpedit.msc and click OK to open the Local Group Policy Editor.

Lockout threshold

  • In the left hand pane of the Local Group Policy Editor, click Windows Settings.
  • At the right hand side of the Local Group Policy Editor, double-click Security Settings.

Lockout threshold

  • Now double-click Account Policies then double-click on Account Lockout Policy.

Lockout threshold Lockout threshold

  • Now last but not the least, double-click Account Lockout Threshold.

Lockout threshold ​After double-clicking on Account Lockout Threshold, a new Window will open. By default, Windows lockout threshold is set to Zero(0) which means anybody can try as many time as they want, to guess your correct windows password without getting locked out.Lockout threshold
Here, we are going to change that to any number you wish. You can set your lockout threshold to any number from 0-99. In my own case, I set my lockout threshold to 6; you can set yours to any number you want (numbers must be between 0 and 99).

Note📝: Don’t set your number to Zero(0) as it is the default number set by the system which allows unlimited number of attempts.

The next time someone tries to guess your password, he will be automatically lockout if he/she exceeds the limit which you set.

To change the settings back to its default, just follow the same procedure again and then change the number you typed in the box to Zero(0) and save the changes by clicking Apply then Ok.

So, was this tutorial, share it in your social media with your friends and family to help them secure their PC or leave a comment below if you have any questions. Have fun!


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