How To Manually Create a Restore Point

How To Manually Create a Restore Point

By default, your system create restore point every week and also before significant system events like installation of driver or program.

Creating a restore point manually will give you total control over which of your programs gets affected when you restore your system.

For example, the default restore points created by the system may not be a recent restore point, which means some of your programs that were likely not the cause of the problem will get uninstalled, or, some programs you uninstalled before will get installed back again after restoring your system.

But if you manually create a restore point yourself, you know exactly when your system was working perfectly before it started misbehaving, which you can easily then use the restore point you created to restore it back to the point it was working perfectly.

So I will be showing you guys the exact steps you can use to create a restore point.

You will need it later when you stumble on problems after installing an app or driver whereas uninstalling the program or driver that caused the program did not fix the problem.

You can create a restore point before installing an app or driver in your windows PC or let the system do its job.

Tip: you can make it a habit to manually create restore points or backup your files and settings once a while to avoid losing your files when the system starts developing some problems.

Note: If you recently installed new windows or your PC has not gone through any significant changes like installation of programs or drivers, then the option to create a restore point manually will not be available or even if it is, it will be deemed (not clickable).

Now let’s start with the steps. Follow the below steps to create a restore point easily.

Method One

✅ Hold Windows logo key+Pause to open the system properties and click system protection at the top left pane. Restore Point​✅ Click Create at the bottom right of the screen as shown below

Restore Point✅ Type the description you wish and click Create to create the restore point.

Method Two
Step One

Getting to the control panel is easy but if you don’t know how to get there, you can easily type “Control Panel” without the quotes in your search bar.

Click control panel and there you are in the control panel where you can control all the settings in your Windows PC, or you can simply hold Win+R and a run dialogue box will popup where you can just type in control and then hit the Enter button.

Now click the little button next to category view at the right hand corner and select large icons or small icons (all works the same just the size is the difference).

Create restore point

: don’t make any changes in the control panel aside what about to show you except you know what you are doing.

Step Two

After changing the category view in step one above; scroll down and look for “Recovery” and click on it.

Up next, click “configure system restore” and a box will popup. Click “Create” and you will see another box label create a restore point.

Create restore point ​Type your desire description and hit the “create” button and that’s all, you have just created a restore point.

​Make sure you put a name or description you can easily remember when you need it.

Now you can use the restore point you created to restore your system back to it normal state if need to.

Don’t forget to drop your comment below to tell us what you think or if you have any problem with any of the steps.

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