How to Recover Files from Corrupt Memory Card or Flash Drive 

How to Recover Files from Corrupt Memory Card or Flash Drive 

The world of Technology is fast growing day by day, and so the people tend to move along with new trend as it comes. 

Although, you use your PC to do your research; there are times when taking your laptop with you always is stressful. So to continue the research without necessarily using your PC, you may need to save it on your flash drive or any external storage you want. 

However, sometimes technology offers a little disappointment and annoyance too. So when you want to continue your work which you saved in your flash drive, you may see an error saying your device is corrupt and unreadable which is where this post will be helpful.

There are in some cases where you don’t even need to be tech savvy to be able to recover files in windows PC. However, file recovery is something you should consider knowing how to do because in one way or the other, you are going to need the knowledge.

You plugged your flash drive to your PC, the system detects it but you can’t open it because it keeps telling you that the disk is corrupt and unreadable.

So how do we make this drive readable? We are going to use a few line of commands in the command prompt to get this drive to be readable so we can retrieve our files from it.

Don’t get confused because I said we are going to use command prompt or maybe you are hearing the word for the first time or you probably heard of it but you don’t know how to use it.

Like I said earlier, we are only going to use a few lines of commands in the command prompt.

  • Plug the drive you wish to recover files from
  • Hold windows logo key+R
  • Type Cmd in the box and click oK

recover files

  • The command prompt will open; type the command line below in the command prompt and hit the Enter key: chkdsk E: /r

recover files


Let me explain the command line above

Chkdsk tells the system to check the disk for errors, E: is the disk to be checked (it may be different in your case; go to the Windows explorer and see which drive number is your flash or USB drive and replace E: with your drive number)

recover files

Now the /r tells the system to repair any error it finds.

It may take some time depending on the size of your flash or USB drive.

If any errors are found, you will be asked to type yes to recover it; type yes and hit the Enter key

While the comnand is running, you will be seeing as they are been processed.

When it finfinishes, you can back and open your flash drive and copy your files.

u can let me know if this helped you recover your files through the comment box below or if you have any questions, otherwise please share this post in your social media.

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  • In my pc CD Drive option is not showing and CD Drive room is also not opening for insert CD. Can u help me? please

    • Make sure your CDROM is properly connected to your PC because a loose connection between your CDROM drive and your PC will cause the system to not detect it. So check to see if it is properly connected.


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